Meet the team

We as Nezamiyeh Family are a group of young enthusiast people, well educated in tourism and hospitality, working together in a professional; atmosphere within Maan Malek Tejarat. MMT is in the business of creating services that create distinctive customer experiences by cooperation of International brands.

Food and hospitality are considered to be the most critical attributes in the field of lifestyle at MMT.

We believe that food and hospitality brands still have not succeeded in creating an in-depth and desirable relationship with their audience in Iran.

Our aspiration is to fill this existing emotional gap and create a completely unique experience.

We are a group of well-reputed professionals in the Iranian business scene who have gathered around a common interest; i.e., how we can unveil and answer the inarticulate lifestyle needs of Iranians.

We are keen to become the partner-of-choice for international brands, collaborating with them to enter and work in the complex and multi-dimensional ecosystem of Iran.

Improvements in the lifestyles of insightful segments of society who consciously seek improvements in their lifestyle, for us is not only a “problem in need of solution”, but an “ethical goal” or “purpose”.

Currently Man Malek Tejrat runs two Iranian restaurants with the best food you may find in Tehran and with a world class service.