The now called “Nezamiyeh boutique hotel “, was once a mansion where Fatahi family lived in.on August 5th, 1931, this mansion was registered to the name of “Kazem khan Fatahi Noori”. He was the chief of protocol and ceremonial supervisor of the German embassy. In his work, he was so beloved among diplomats because of his great hospitality.
This mansion was home to Kazem Khan, his wife, and his stepdaughter.since they couldn’t get pregnant, Kazem khan’s sister gave her daughter to them. Her name was Alam Taaj. A beautiful side of this story is that her wedding was held in this mansion. Ultimately, after Kazem khan’s death, the mansion was sold and today, it has been renovated and become a boutique hotel.

In the honor of the Fatahi family, we have named the rooms after them.

kazem khan

kazem khan

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