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We as Nezamiyeh Family are a group of young enthusiast people, well educated in tourism and hospitality, working together in a professional; atmosphere within Maan Malek Tejarat. MMT is in the business of creating services that create distinctive customer experiences by cooperation of International brands.

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The now called “Nezamiyeh boutique hotel “, was once a mansion where Fatahi family lived in.on August 5th, 1931, this mansion was registered to the name of “Kazem khan Fatahi Noori”.

What's On

Old Tehran Orienteering Event

Like every other project in Man Malek Tejarat, the opening ceremony of Nezamiyeh Boutique Hotel was unique in its way. Early Friday morning, an adventurous group of runners gathered together in Nezamiyeh Boutique Hotel, with their special motto: Explore with Running!

Official Opening Ceremony

27 August 2019: a great day for Nezamiyeh Family. The official opening day of Nezamiyeh Boutique Hotel was delighted with the virtual presence of President Rouhani on a live video conference, the Minister of Cultural Heritage


Nezamiyeh Dining room

Nezamiyeh Dining room is the place where, according to Iranian tradition, brings guests together as one family. The room has a beautiful, old-style phonograph. Its walls are beautifully decorated with beautiful plates and a spoon collection

Nezamiyeh greenhouse Café

The communication between the guest and the city is important to us. So we do our best to prepare especial menu for brunch and afternoon meal in the greenhouse of Nezamiyeh


Enjoy an uptodate life in our old mansion

Butler Service

Creating unique memories for our guests is a great goal for us. On the other hand, our hospitality is our art. Here you will experience Iranian hospitality

Nezamiyeh Siting room

This room of ours is a space of getting together.alongside a cup of tea,you have experienced an authentic iranian tradition


only few minutes away, you can reach the fast underground world of tehran

Metro Station 1.6km | 6mins

Baharestan Sq 900 m | 4mins

Grand Bazaar 5.5km | 15mins